Letters to the editor: Blame lies with elected officials

Blame lies with elected officials

I just watched the news and I have a few questions for you folks who are smarter than myself.

Why is it that an illegal alien needs a valid drivers license? Answer: To get the free benefits that America has to offer.

Why was this law that allows the illegal alien to get a driver’s license passed? So the illegal alien could vote.

Is the illegal alien the problem? No, the state senators and representatives who passed this bill are the problem.

Gov. Susana Martinez has tried to get this law repealed with no success as yet. What is the answer? Get rid of all the senators and representatives who are using this method to retain their positions.

They are buying the votes with our money. If you, my friend break the law, you pay the price even sometimes by giving up your right to vote. If the illegal alien breaks the law, they are deported.

This is one more example of our democracy diminishing and becoming a dictatorship. The senators and representatives, no matter state or federal, no matter Republican or Democrat, are passing laws that are not good for the public but good for themselves. Wake up New Mexico. Wake up America.