Mothers, sons attend annual Winter Ball at The Landing

Cannon Connections: Alisa Boswell Chuckie Kiser, 12, boogies on the dance floor with his mom, Jessica, Saturday night at the Mother and Son Winter Ball.

Alisa Boswell

Mothers and sons at Cannon Air Force Base spent quality time together Saturday night at the second annual Mother and Son Winter Ball held by the Community Center.

About 30 mothers and sons filled a dance floor at The Landing, having balloon tosses, balloon fights and dancing the Chicken Dance while dressed in formal wear.

Paul Hopkins, director of the community center, said the father and daughter and mother and son balls have been fairly successful the last two years. The community center hosted a father and daughter ball in January.

“We wanted to create an atmosphere of bonding and create lifetime memories,” Hopkins said. “We have moms and sons beating balloons around with each other, dancing and just spending time together.”

Hopkins said crafts were also being provided for the boys to make for themselves and for their mothers. He said he had gone to a conference that presented a similar idea for a parent and child ball and he liked it, so he and a former employee had gone with it.

Megan Davey, who attended the ball with her two sons, Lucas and Ethan, said she loved the idea behind the ball and felt it was a wonderful opportunity to bond with her sons.

“Too many times, you get to wrapped up in life and you forget to have fun with your kids,” Davey said. “This is a great opportunity to just have fun.”

Lucas, 7, and Ethan, 5, both agreed with their mother that the occasion was fun. Both boys said they liked throwing the balloons the most.

“And the punch is delicious,” Lucas added as his brother nodded in agreement.

Gloria Wilson, another mother attending the ball with her 7-year-old son Tyler, said when she saw the ball advertised, she loved the idea, because having just returned from Afghanistan, Wilson had not spent time with her son in eight months.

“I thought it would be a great thing for us to do together right after I got back,” Wilson said. “I missed a lot of bonding time. It was something different for us to do together.”

Tyler said what he liked best about the ball was being able to play with his mom.

“It’s good,” Tyler said. “And I like the food.”

Jessica Kiser and her son, Chuckie, 12, said they were enjoying being able to have quality time together as well.

“I’m loving it,” Chuckie said. “The food, the dances and the music.”