Letters to the editor: President keeps on taking from us

President keeps on taking from us

I said it during his campaign and I’ll say it again, “To me Obama is nothing but a smooth-talking Chicago con man.” Since I first expressed those sentiments over two years ago, his words and actions have made my conviction stand out like a neon sign. His most recent blunder came to me via U.S. mail just this week.

On how many occasions has he stood at podiums around the country extolling the work of active duty and retired military personnel like the world would collapse if it weren’t for them? More times than I remember, for sure. I am in the second category mentioned and as much as I didn’t like it, I was (and am) proud to have served in two war zones during 20 years while trying to support my family on a pittance of a salary. I thank God for off-duty, part-time work when it was available. Now comes his latest bomb.

In the notice I received this week, I and thousands like me will have our meager income reduced because of the latest tax revision. In my case, my retirement check will be just under $25 dollars less per month starting March 1. Now, when any kind of work is hard for me to perform, I can’t revert to part-time job, so I have to rely on tightening my belt a little, just like so many years ago.

Thanks, Mr. President to you and all of your free-spending cronies.

Let me end with another thought that comes to mind very often: The best of community organizers does not a good president make.