Regional science fair results

Senior Division

Overall winners (continuing to the international fair)

International competitors: Hellen Chiou and Louis Garcia

Observer: Michael Dugas

Animal science

First place: Alysha Garcia


First place: Hellen Chiou

Behavioral and social science

First place: Alonzo Apodaca

Physics and astronomy

First place: Michael Dugas

Second place: Omar Casada

Third place: Jesus Munoz

Energy and Transport

First Place: Conor Kantrowitz

Medicine and Health Sciences

First Place: Anyka Garcia

Engineering: Materials and bio

First place: Alex Appell

Second place: Marissa Pacheco

Engineering: Electrical and mechanical

First place: Louis Garcia

Environment science

First place: Maranda Martinez

Second place: Nicholas Berum

Plant sciences

Second place: Mellodi Madrid