Press release: Bingaman discusses spending bill

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman today discussed a variety of issues with New Mexico radio reporters, including negotiations on a spending bill to fund the federal government for the rest of the year. Bingaman’s remarks can be retrieved by going to his website or clicking on the following link:

0:00 Bingaman discusses two scheduled Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearings about the Department of Interior and Forest Service budgets for fiscal year 2012, and whether there will be a government shutdown this week.

1:30 Bingaman says it is difficult to know yet which federal programs may be cut under a plan to fund the government for the rest of this fiscal year.

2:30 Bingaman discusses the prospects for securing funds for the Ute Pipeline project for eastern New Mexico.

3:45 Bingaman reacts to language in a House of Representatives spending bill that would prevent the EPA from implementing rules related to climate change.

5:00 Bingaman discusses whether New Mexico power plants would be affected by new EPA rules regulating carbon emissions, and other issues related to climate change.

8:15 Bingaman discusses how deep cuts outlined in a House spending proposal could hurt border security.

9:35 Bingaman talks about the importance of the Tres Amigas superstation.

11:15 Bingaman answers questions about how he will approach legislating during the final 22 months of his Senate term.