In search of ponies: Chickens on wheels merit research

Sharna Johnson

Why didn’t the rooster cross the road?

I don’t know the answer, but when the call went out over the police scanner this week, you can bet your bottom dollar I grabbed a camera and hurried for the scene.

The call that went out came from a sheriff’s deputy who asked dispatch to summon animal control.

Apparently a rooster was standing firm in the middle of the road at Fifth and Main streets and was disrupting traffic.

I can’t tell you how much I was hoping to get a photo for the paper of the chicken that wouldn’t cross the road, stopping traffic and attracting law enforcement.

But alas, by the time I arrived on scene animal control was leaving, I can only assume with an angry rooster in the back of the truck.

And absent a photo, all we ended up with in the office was a couple hours of chicken jokes.

But that wasn’t the only chicken I crossed paths with this week.

During small talk at the beginning to a scheduled interview for an unrelated story, an official, (who I won’t expressly identify) told me he enjoys my pet column and he confessed that he relates in part, because he has an unusual hobby.

He keeps pet chickens in his back yard —