Letters to the editor: Illegal immigrants danger on road

Illegal immigrants danger on road

It is my opinion that our senators have forgotten whom they are supposed to be working for and protecting.

They have the mistaken idea that the illegal immigrants are the true New Mexicans they are elected to serve. Because of their mistaken allegiance to illegals, the New Mexico driver’s license draws suspicion in some parts of the country.

They say allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a New Mexico driver’s license benefits legal residents because they buy vehicle insurance and help the police.

Have our senators driven on the roads lately? Illegal immigrants have no idea of our laws nor do they respect them and they show it by their driving practices and by being here illegally.

If our senators really cared about us true New Mexicans, they would do their real job and protect us from their misguided allegiance to foreigners instead of their New Mexican citizens.

I love New Mexico, but this is one law that makes me ashamed.