Press release: Statewide gas price average stays same

Press releases: Statewide gas price average stays same

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) — Motorists in New Mexico are paying on average $3.47 for a gallon of unleaded regular gasoline. The statewide average has remained the same since last week, according to the AAA New Mexico Weekend Gas Watch. Nationally prices are at $3.55 a gallon.

The statewide average is 8 cents less than the national average.

Albuquerque has the least expensive gasoline at $3.38 a gallon. Comparing the major metropolitan areas of the state, motorists in Las Cruces are paying the most for gas in New Mexico at $3.47.

After a massive earthquake in Japan last week, market experts expect slowed economic growth in Japan which will also slow demand for oil.

Energy and market analysts are still in the early stages of evaluating the impact of the situation in Japan, but said that this reduction in globaldemand may offset supply concerns created by the events in Northern Africa.

AAA New Mexico continues to recommend some steps motorists can take to

maximize their vehicle’s fuel efficiency:

• Drive the speed limit. Studies show that by following this simple step you’re saving a significant amount of gasoline. The U.S. Department of Energy says that for every five miles you drive over 60 miles per hour is equal to paying an additional $0.24 per gallon for gas.

Clean out the trunk. An extra 100 pounds in your vehicle could reduce your miles per gallon by up to 2 percent.

If you have a GPS, use it. Plan the quickest and shortest distance to your destination. Avoiding hills and stops will increase your gas mileage.

Maintain your tire pressure at the manufacturer’s recommended level and keep your car well maintained.

Anticipate the stop lights and stop signs. Get to know your usual routes and look ahead. Knowing when you’ll have to stop, you can let up on the gas earlier. Coasting to a stop will save the gasoline you would otherwise use maintaining your speed longer.

“Reviewing the owner’s manual of your vehicle is an excellent resource to use to schedule regular maintenance that can not only maximize fuel efficiency, but also extend the life of your car,” said AAA Texas/New Mexico Public Affairs Specialist Sarah Schimmer.