Our people: Music fan

Courtesy photo Petty, middle, with Mickey Thomas, left, and Bobby Vee at the 2010 Clovis Music Festival.

Clovis native Randy Petty has been working at Triangle ACE Hardware since he was 11 years old. Petty is now 47 and spends his time as general manager of ACE, a volunteer with Faith Christian Family Church and is involved with the annual Clovis Music Festival.

Petty grew up around Norman and Vi Petty, no relation, before they were married. The couple often attended Petty family holiday gatherings at Randy Petty’s grandmother’s house where he lives now.

Petty began working with the music festival in 2006.

“My cousin Tony Petty and Vi Petty started the festival in 1987 and while I attended several of the early ones, I did not latch on to the significance of the legacy until the late ‘90s,” Petty said.

Petty said he has enjoyed working with musicians at the festival such as Jeff Vee, Tommy Vee, Mickey Thomas, Matthew Nelson and Gunner Nelson.

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“The more significant rewards are watching my kids, as well as a lot of other younger generations take an interest in the history and fall in love with the music that Norman helped made possible,” he said.