Police blotter — March 20

Samplings of recent calls received by Clovis-area law enforcement officers, according to reports:

Around 10 p.m. March 12 an officer responded to a restaurant in the 3000 block of North Prince Street for a theft of services report.

A manager said a group of five men had eaten, ordering more than $180 in food and drinks, but only two of them paid and the other three left without paying.

The woman who served the group said they came in often wearing athletic jerseys from a local school and that one of the men had left a five dollar bill on the table with his first name and phone number on it.

The officer called the number and told the man who answered that he needed to return to the restaurant to pay his bill but noted the man told him he was in San Antonio, then hung up and didn’t answer subsequent phone calls.

The waitress was able to identify two of the men in the group from athlete profiles the officer showed her on the Internet.

The manager said he did not want to press charges as long as the men returned and paid for their meals and the officer noted he would try to contact some of the other members of the group in an attempt to get the men to return and pay.


Just before midnight March 13 an officer responded to a residence in the 2000 block of Grand Avenue for a report of a domestic dispute in progress.

When the officer arrived, he knocked repeatedly and noted he heard yelling inside before a woman finally answered the door.

The woman told him she was fine and when he asked why there was swelling above her eye, she told him she had ran into a cabinet door.

When a man walked into the room where they were talking, the officer noticed his shirt was wet and he had scratches on his hands, which he said he got in a fight with a male outside the apartment.

The officer spoke to two children in the home, who told him the woman had asked the male to leave because he was drunk and the man had punched her.

Even though the woman continued to deny the man had hit her, the officer arrested him on charges of battery on a household member.


Around 4 p.m Tuesday an officer responded to a business in the 2300 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard for a report of a man drinking in the alley.

An employee said she saw a man laying down behind the business drinking.

The officer made contact with a man who had shopping bags with him and noted the man smelled of alcohol.

In the bags the officer found eight empty beer cans and arrested him for drinking in public.

The man said he was drinking because he works hard.


About 7 p.m. Tuesday an officer responded to a residence in the 1400 block of Axtell Street for a report of found property.

A man said he found several items of clothing and a knife in the back yard of his home.

The officer checked with detectives who were working on a case along the same street but was told the items were not connected, so he logged them as evidence.

Police blotter is compiled by CNJ staff writer Sharna Johnson. She can be contacted at 763-6991 or sjohnson@cnjonline.com