Shoutouts — March 27

Visit to Foxy Drive In brings back memories

I was raised in Clovis, married Jerry W. Butts who was stationed at Cannon Air Force Base. We got transferred to Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, Ariz., in 1965. We moved to Virginia in 2002. So now we go back in the winter where our family is.

This past year in December we took a road trip that took us through Clovis where memories came flooding back. We headed out to the base and could not believe it when we spotted the Foxy Drive In. So we stopped and took some pictures of it. Then went in and ask a young man if ever knew of a man named A. C. Bryant to which he replied yes that was his Grandfather and he was sitting over there at a table.

I was a teenager when I worked there and also the one that was on main street. Mr. Bryant fired me a few times for making up excuses for not coming to work. But he always hired me back as he was and is a very nice man. He seemed to understand.

As kids hanging out there on main we would blow straws on the ceiling and I guess get kind of loud at times, but he never ran us off. It was the place to be on weekends. We would go and drag main and come back in and hang out.

The Foxy Drive In is certainly a landmark from the past, a wonderful past. We would always get the basket of Steak Fingers with fries. Have hot chocolate on cold days and just hang out and listen to Elvis Presley. What wonderful memories of a time gone by.

So it was a wonderful surprise to get to visit with him and share some memories too. He said he often wished he would have taken pictures of his carhops.

Thank you Mr. Bryant for the memories of my youth and for someone who cared about his help. It was such a pleasure to get to see and visit with you again after so many years. I have spoken of you so many times to my children and friends of working at The Foxy Drive In as a teenager.