Letters to the editor: County losing valuable resource

While it is commendable that Clovis Community College is willing to support the literacy council (March 23 article in CNJ), the loss of the Curry County Literacy Council’s one-to-one tutoring program will have a negative impact on the low-level readers in Curry County, where the demonstrated need is so great.

We trained and certified their professional volunteer tutors to work one-to-one with low-level adult literacy students. They did not receive training to work in the classroom, and this population can’t learn to read in a classroom setting. That’s why we were founded almost 24 years ago — to meet an unmet need. I do hope that something can be done to allow for one-to-one services to continue.

Though our funding was reduced for fiscal year 2012, the legislators did their best in light of many difficult circumstances. Despite budget cuts, we will continue to support this marginalized and hard to serve population in need — adults who read at or below the sixth-grade level. In fact, statewide our cost per student is only $175 compared to ABE’s average of $267, but we do serve different populations.

Please rest assured that services were not and are not duplicated. Therefore, how will these students’ needs be met?

We wish you the very best and much luck as you work to serve the adults in need of literacy, basic education, and higher education in Curry County.

We will continue to do our part, too.