Letter to the editor: Citizens right to be leery of tax

Citizens right to be leery of tax

Clovis citizens are very cognizant of the fact that water is the lifeblood of our community.

At a March 6, 2003, commission meeting, Mayor David Lansford proposed a gross receipts tax increase that would designate 50 percent of the proceeds to the Ute Water Project and 50 percent to other city needs.

When the measure was touted to the public, water issues were always stressed although the percentages were always vague.

When citizens voted, many thought they were voting for water.

The tax was approved and is still being collected today, but as of December only 8 percent of it has gone to the Ute Water Project.

There is over a million dollars a year available from the 2004 tax that should be dedicated to the pipeline project. Rather than use the funds we have, the city commission wants a new quarter-percent tax.

As a taxpayer, I feel this is a classic bait and switch. Is it any wonder that our citizens are leery of a new tax?

Now we are being threatened by our elected officials. If we do not vote for the proposed new GRT, they will raise our property taxes or our water rates.

Instead of being good stewards of our tax money, most of the commissioners are urging the passage of a new quarter-percent gross receipts tax while at the same time negotiating to purchase the Chaparral Country Club.

A recent survey showed 47 percent of our citizens are helping support other family members during these difficult economic times.

Our finances are stretched and it is not the time for new taxes. Clovis citizens want water and would prefer not to be taxed twice for the same purpose.

We want to buy water with our tax money, not a golf course!