Slaying suspect rented hotel room next to victims

Freedom New Mexico

A man suspected of killing two Tucumcari men in a hotel was renting the hotel room next door to the two men found fatally shot, according to New Mexico State Police Agent Joshua J. Armijo’s affidavit.

Gabriel Baca, 37, and Bobby Gonzales, 57, both of Tucumcari, were found dead on March 24 in a room at the Tucumcari Inn, 1700 E. Route 66 Blvd, according to the affidavit.

According to the affidavit:

• Through the course of the state police investigation, an officer learned Baca and Gonzales had been associating with Muziwokuthula Madonda, 33, of Chicago.

• Madonda had been working in New Mexico for a satellite TV company.

• Baca had recently received his tax return and was in possession of $1,000.

• The two men were discovered by Gonzales’ brother after the two had been missing since March 20 — the same day Madonda checked out of his room. Baca was found lying face up on the bathroom floor and Gonzales had been placed on top of him face down. Baca had a gunshot wound to his abdomen area and Gonzales had a gunshot wound to his back with an exit wound on his abdomen.

• Investigators found pools of blood and drag marks that had been cleaned, alerting officers the scene had been altered. Investigators searched the crime scene and found no firearms, casings or large amounts of money.

• Investigators contacted Madonda’s company to see if they knew of his location. They contacted Madonda’s former supervisor, who had his cell phone number.

• The supervisor sent text messages to Madonda offering him employment in the Houston area. Madonda knew his picture was on television and the Internet, and asked for help obtaining fake identification and burning items in his possession. Madonda forwarded the supervisor a message stating “those amigoz thought they were smart, I wil tel you more in person bos.”

• Through the conversations with the supervisor, investigators learned Madonda owned or was in possession of a revolver-type handgun.