Press release: Udall discusses renewable energy standard legislation, federal budget

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Tom Udall talked with radio reporters today about his plans to introduce Renewable Energy Standard legislation that would require utilities to generate 25 percent of their electricity from wind, solar and other renewable energy sources by 2025. He also discussed the federal budget debate as the threat of a government shutdown intensifies. To listen to the audio, click here.

Below is a time key of Senator Udall’s remarks:

00:00 – Udall opens the conversation by discussing his plan to reintroduce legislation that would create a federal Renewable Energy Standard. He also gives an update on the budget debate in Congress and its impact on critical federal institutions in New Mexico, including the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia.

03:45 – Talks about the negative impact of a government shutdown on New Mexico.

07:28 – Answers a question about the retirement of New Mexico’s senior Senator Jeff Bingaman and comments on U.S. Rep. Martin Heinrich’s announcement that he will run for the Senate.

09:40 – Gives his opinion on the Republican budget plan for Fiscal Year 2012.

12:56 – Further discusses the benefits of his Renewable Energy Standard legislation.

14:45 – Gives his thoughts on methods for reducing the national deficit.