Freshman Academy Cat-a-bration shows off student work

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Freshman Academy parent Susana Cantu, left, and her children, from left to right, Mari Cantu, Ruben Torres, Abri Cantu and Victoria Cantu spend time at the biology table Tuesday during the Freshman Academy Cat-a-bration. Teachers of each subject displayed work from their class for parents to see.

Liliana Castillo

Parents of Clovis High School Freshman Academy students were given a glimpse into their child’s education Tuesday.

The school hosted the second annual Cat-a-bration, at which student’s projects were on display for their parents to see.

The event was created out of the faculty’s desire to increase parental involvment at the school.

Tables lined the walls of the gymnasium displaying projects from biology, math, history, English and elective classes. Teachers urged parents and siblings to touch and ask questions about the projects.

History teacher Bekki Jones said she enjoys the interaction with the parents.

“It gives the parents a chance to see what kids are doing and ask why we have them doing all these things,” she said.

Jones said parents usually see a part of a project but don’t often see the end result.

Clovis resident Sara Parrish attended with her daughter Brittany Pope.

“It’s really helpful to see what they’ve been working on,” she said. “It’s good to be able to have contact with the teachers and see the creative things they’re doing in the classroom.”

Parrish said she was impressed that each subject had a hands-on project to display.

“Every teacher found a way to make learning interesting,” she said. “It’s a great way to keep kids interested in their education. I like the friendly and upbeat environment I see at this school.”

Math teacher Lori Gammill was one of the event organizers. She said parents aren’t as involved with freshmen age students as they are in lower grades.

“They don’t know what’s going on in the classroom and knowing that helps them support them and guide them,” she said.

Biology teacher Corinthia Hall also helped organize.

“We wanted an opportunity to showcase the students for what they’ve done,” she said. “We want parents to feel confident in the education of our students.”

Clovis resident Susana Cantu attended with her son Ruben Torres. She said she enjoyed seeing artifacts the students studied in science class. The science table displayed pelts and bones of various animals.

“Those are items that you don’t see on a daily basis,” she said.

Cantu said she was aware of projects her son was working on but hadn’t seen any final product.

“It’s great to see what they did,” she said.