Deep in debt paying parental dues

There are some things about parenthood that no matter how many people warn you it won’t make sense until you’re there in the moment living it for yourself.

My oldest son is very quick on his feet. He has an answer for everything, an excuse ready at all times. I am a firm believer that you reap what you sow. Karma comes in cute child-sized packages. I am 100 percent certain that there are grandparents all over the country — and probably the world — laughing their buns off that the generation next is paying back these new parents for all of their childhood misbehavior. My mother-in-law laughs at me on an almost daily basis because Kaleb is truly a miniature version of his father.

All three of my kids fight sleep as if they would miss out on a fantastic adventure should they close their eyes for five minutes. But Kaleb can verbalize his excuses for not being asleep during nap time and after he has been tucked in, typically more than once. The other night after three post tuck-in trips to the bathroom I was about to hit the ceiling when I heard his door open again. I told him he better not be on his way to the bathroom. He quickly responded, (in a tone that only says ‘Duh, mom, you know I can come up with something better than that’) “No mom, I’m just checking the weather out.”

Oh yes, so important at 10’o’clock at night that he check the weather in the hallway.

The worst part is that Kaleb is already schooling his younger siblings on how to get away with things. The way that they look up at him and to him is so clearly hero worship. At 14 months old my twins are already emulating Kaleb at every opportunity.

Aidan is not only a spitting image of Kaleb, his little attitude is round two of our dose of parent payback. He is absolutely fearless, reckless and a handful of energy. Since he began walking he’s toddled all over the house, he’s made it to the backyard gate and he’s managed to invite himself into my morning shower before daddy spotted his getaway.

Brooklyn is generally more content, but when the girl gets attitude, oh boy is she dramatic. That is definitely my genes in action.

I wouldn’t trade my kiddos for all of the money in the world, but there are definitely times when I wish that we had grandparents nearby enough for an occasional drop off or weekend outing. In the meantime, I willingly share all of our adventures with their grandparents so that they can reminisce from afar and get a kick out of seeing their little hell-raisers raising their own.