Grant McGee: Clovis tap water nothing to complain about

When I moved here in the 90’s I wasn’t sure about our tap water.

Now, after a trip we took a few weeks ago I have no complaints about it, not at all.

While vacationing at a town on the Texas Gulf Coast The Lady of the House and I encountered the worst water I’ve ever sipped.

The place shall remain unmentioned; they can’t help their situation, apparently they draw in their water supply from nearby marshes.

We discovered this nasty water when we checked into our hotel room.

“Have you used the restroom?” called The Lady of the House from behind the closed door.

“No, I haven’t,” I answered.


I joined her in the bathroom and gazed down at the commode. The water was yellow. I reached over and flushed it. The toilet filled back up with yellow water.

“Oh my,” said The Lady of the House.

Being the adventuresome Eagle Scout I turned to the sink, turned on the tap, cupped my hands and had a drink. I stood up.

“Hmmm,” I said, “I wonder if I’m gonna regret that. It’s like I just had a drink of swimming pool water.”

“I knew something was odd about this town when we asked for water at the restaurant and they brought us bottled water,” she said.

The next day the housekeeper came to our room with fresh linens.

“What about this water here?” I asked.

“You didn’t drink the water, did ya?” she said in disbelief.

“Don’t. The locals don’t even drink it. Yeah, about all its good for is washing and flushing.”

I did brush my teeth with the stuff. I thought the heavy chlorine might give them extra whiteness and brightness.

Yeah, I like our water around here. So if I hear someone complain about it, I just might say, “Hey, have you ever been to…”