Governor speaking at crime victims’ breakfast

Kevin Wilson

Gov. Susana Martinez, area law enforcement and civic leaders are expected to gather today to honor crime victims at the seventh annual breakfast held in honor of National Crime Victims Week.

Hosted by the 9th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, District Attorney Matt Chandler said the event is part of an effort to increase awareness for victims’ rights.

“It’s a very important week for us to not only honor past victims that we have served but also use this as a time to plan for the future and to determine how we can better serve victims within our district,” he said.

The breakfast is scheduled for 7 a.m. at the Clovis Civic Center. Tickets are $10.

Martinez will serve as the keynote speaker, and plans to talk about her time as a district attorney and efforts she has made toward victims’ rights.

“Standing up for victims is really what’s driven the governor’s career, both in this office and certainly as a district attorney. She’ll be discussing her time in law enforcement and how that’s played a large role in how she has shaped her agenda as governor, especially as it relates to victims and children,” said spokesman Greg Blair.

“She’ll also talk about some of the big public safety items we were able to pass during this legislative session, particularly Katie’s Law.”

Chandler said it is an honor to have the governor, who was also the guest speaker at last year’s breakfast, attend the event.

“It should be a fantastic morning and a great way to kick off the week,” he said.

“The governor has a passion for children and making sure that victims of crime are protected and that their rights are recognized and this is an event that she’s excited to be a part of in honoring victims of the past and recognizing a need for increased awareness — and we are honored to have her with us.”

Chandler said a video highlighting and honoring victims, music and a presentation of the colors by Cannon Air Force Base’s Honor Guard are also on the agenda for the planned one-hour presentation.

Open to the public, more than 350 have said they plan to attend and there are still available tickets, Chandler said, with ticket proceeds going to pay the cost of the facility and meal.