Guidelines issued for green fleece

By Brad Jessmer: Air Force Uniform Office

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio — Additional new guidance has just been released from the office of Manpower, Personnel and Services, or AF/A1, at the Pentagon regarding wear of the authorized sage-green fleece outer garment.

Requirements for wear are the following.

• A velcro ABU print last-name tape with dark-blue block lettering, centered between the zipper and sleeve seam on the wearer’s right chest

• A velcro ABU print U.S. Air Force tape with dark-blue block lettering, adjacent to the name tape and centered between the zipper and sleeve seam on the wearer’s left chest

• A velcro subdued cloth rank with a solid sage-green background, flush and centered above the last-name tape on the wearer’s right chest.

• Fleece must remain zipped no lower than halfway between the name tape and the collar

• The collar must be folded over and resting on the shoulder, chest and back when the zipper is not completely zipped

• The bottom length of the fleece must be as close to length of ABU top as possible

• Sleeves must be worn down at all times

• Fleece must be kept in a neat, serviceable and professional appearance at all times

• The sage-green fleece may only be worn over the ABU top, and is not authorized to be worn solely over a T-shirt, thermal underwear or similar undergarments, when worn as an outer garment

Items authorized for wear with the fleece include black or sage-green leather, suede or knit gloves; black or sage-green watch caps; black scarves that are tucked in; and black ear muffs.

Commanders also have the authority to allow wear of the fleece indoors if mission needs require it. According to AF/A1 officials, the number one concern is the health and well being of airmen.