Military mama: Threatened shutdown real eye-opener

We all knew we were in for a roller coaster ride when we either married into the military or signed off on allowing our significant other to become government property. But, I don’t think that any of us had last week’s thrill ride in mind.

I try to avoid public political discussion, because I don’t want my voice to carry over any other persons. So, you are safe and I will not mount my soapbox now. I support elected politicians and believe that they are doing their best to act on behalf of their constituents. I know that this is a fallacy at times when ego and personal interests interfere but I am an eternal optimist. I feel that I vote with my conscience and send out those reminders to my congressmen and women when I feel they are being neglectful.

The countdown to shutdown was a stressful time for us all. This was unnecessary had their been a little more introspective thinking in Washington, D.C.

What came of this “scare” was a lot of self-analysis.

I know that my financial situation is nowhere near as stable as it should be, and there are many simple things that I can do to firm up our budget. The fear of half pay was enough to anger many, yet I would like to focus on something extremely positive that I saw.

The government may not have had the military family as their number one priority, yet I was so proud to see the amount of support that was immediately rallied together.

In a number of online groups and communities, families were uniting to do what they could to help one another. Diapers, formula, baby food and clothing were being put up as donations for those that would be affected most severely.

Resources were posted so that information was readily available for those that would be needing financial assistance to make it through to the next paycheck.

Veterans and extended families of military members were offering donations and bartering to help make ends meet.

I was absolutely thrilled that in a time of trial that brought on a tremendous amount of negativity and hostility, it also generated the most heartfelt support that I have experienced in my entire military wife “career.”

I am grateful that this worry is at least temporarily suspended. That is a relief that I’m sure is shared by all of you. But, I am pleased to see that there will be plenty of lemonade to go around should we ever be served those lemons for real.