Yard of the Month competition coming

By 27th SOW Public Affairs

Family housing residents will soon battle for the best yard in the neighborhood as the Yard of the Month competition will run from May through September. The criteria for selection is based on the following:

• Landscaping: Is the yard mowed, edged and trimmed?

• Flowerbeds: Are they weed and grass-free?

• Cracks: Have weeds and grass been removed from sidewalk, driveway, curb and street gutters?

• Pruning: Have bushes, trees, and hedges been pruned?

• Other: Is the carport, breezeway, and/or patio clean and neat?

One winner is selected from each of the housing areas (Chavez, Joe Cannon Estates, Cannon Place and Cannon Meadows) and will receive a certificate of recognition, a letter of appreciation, a housing excellence coin and a sign in their yard to proudly display as a Yard of the Month winner. Occupants are ineligible if they receive a first yard notice. Information: 784-7532.