Trial update: Expert says one of three shots fatal for ENMU student

The prosecution in the murder trial of 13-year-old DeAngelo Montoya spent most of Thursday morning questioning key scientific experts in attempt to link the defendant to the death of Angel Vale, 21.

A DNA expert testified evidence obtained from one of two plastic cups found in a shed near the scene of the July 22 fatal shooting of Vale yielded only a partial profile. The witness said the DNA belonged to a male.

A pathologist testified Vale, stuck three times by bullets, died of multiple gunshot wounds and she had determined the cause of death was homicide. The pathologist said two of the shots probably wouldn’t have been fatal but another shot that entered under Vale’s arm was likely the fatal one.

Montoya is accused of stealing a .22 caliber rifle from Vale’s home, then turning the weapon on her when prosecutors say she surpirsed him in her back yard.

District Attorney Matt Chandler said he believes the fatal shot that entered under the victim’s arm was fired as Vale was lifting her hands in a defensive move.