Montoya jury still deliberating

Freedom New Mexico

Both sides rested their cases this afternoon and the fate of 13-year-old DeAngelo Montoya of Portales was handed over to the jury about 5 p.m.

The jury was still deliberating as of 7:30 p.m.
We will update with the verdict just as soon as it is rendered.

Earlier today, attorney Fred Reese started his defense of Montoya, accused of murder in the shooting death of Eastern New Mexico University student Angel Vale, 21.

Reese told jurors he was confident after hearing all testimony they would find the state hadn’t met its burden of proving Montoya guilty.

Among witnesses called to the stand by Reese were investigators who collected evidence at the scene of the shooting last July.

Police confirmed another pair of shoes with the same foot pattern as those worn by Montoya were discovered. But on cross examination, the same investigator said the other pair of shoes was four sizes larger than those Montoya was wearing when arrested.

Testimony earlier in the murder trial has investigators saying they found footprints in Vale’s backyard with a pattern that matched Montoya’s shoes.

District Attorney Matt Chandler contends Vale, who had befriended Montoya, surprised him in her backyard with a .22 caliber rifle he stole from her house and then shot her three times.