Letters to the editor: Other ways to fund Ute project

Other ways to fund Ute project

We hope you read the ad in Clovis News Journal on April 10 newspaper by the High Plains Patriots about the proposed gross receipts tax increase.

Read the facts for yourself. There is definitely a way to pay for the Ute water project without raising taxes again. City commissioner Randy Crowder has spent a lot of time and effort in reviewing ways to fund the project without going to the taxpayers again.

Don’t you wonder how city commissioners can find a way to pay $3 million for Chaparral Country Club, but they can’t find a way to pay for the Ute water project without raising taxes?

Another thing to consider: If the commissioners do vote to raise property taxes — as was proposed at a recent meeting if the gross receipts tax increase fails — how will the military view this move? Even for those people who rent instead of own their home, the rent they pay will go up to cover whatever increase there is in the property tax.

It is so important that you take a stand on this issue. If you are for the GRT increase, that is certainly your right, and I urge you to vote for it. However, don’t let any of the commissioners blackmail you or intimidate you into voting for the GRT when there is a better way to pay for the project. Where do YOU draw the line on freedom? It looks like Crowder is the only commissioner willing to consider the other ways.

Write or call your commissioner and express your opinion — we elected them to represent us — remember this when the next election comes. It should not be “them against us.” Not all the commissioners are in favor of raising property taxes or water rates — where does yours stand?