School policy may complicate formation of Gay Straight Alliance

Liliana Castillo

One club that could be affected by the change in policy is a chapter of the Gay and Straight Alliance.

Clovis High School senior Steven De Los Santos spearheaded the attempt to create a GSA chapter.

The group was originally approved in the first week of March by high school Principal Wayne Marshall. After reviewing board policy, Marshall rescinded his approval because he said he realized the superintendent has to approve the creation of clubs at the high school.

Superintendent Terry Myers said the request to begin the GSA did not spur the review of the policies.

The request to begin a chapter of the GSA reached the superintendent’s desk on March 30.

De Los Santos said there are a growing number of openly gay and lesbian students at the high school and he believes there should be support for them.

“We need to jump into the 21st century,” he said. “This is something that is happening.”

De Los Santos said a GSA chapter would provide a place for gay students to feel safe.

“It’s a place where people can get together and be themselves with no fear of someone judging them,” De Los Santos said. “Throughout the day, we put on several different masks and I want to tell everyone we don’t have to do that anymore. Just be yourself.”