Military mama: Counting my blessings

Again, my column will center around gratitude. I am so thankful for the friends and family that I have been blessed with. I am grateful to have a roof overhead and shoes on my feet. Within my extended social circle I have come across a great many families experiencing tremendous difficulties lately, each time I hear of these trials I find myself thinking how unfair life can be. This is true, life is not fair, it never has been and likely never will be. However, we have the ability to make the best of our given circumstances.

I have grown close to an old friend from college as I have kept tabs on the medical complications that have touched their youngest son. He has been hospitalized for almost two months and initially was predicted to be a quadriplegic. He is now able to breathe on his own without the assistance of a ventilator for hours at a time, and has regained limited motion in his limbs. For this family, life essentially was put on hold while they spent weeks without end at his bedside. Such love and support poured in, that even in their situation they feel incredibly blessed to be given this miracle.

I get frustrated trying to get a doctor appointment.

I feel envious of those that have extended family nearby.

I dislike the schedule that we are working around.

How petty am I being? Extremely. These things seem so important and draw so much of my focus these days. I try so hard to make the best of each situation. I am constantly looking for the silver lining, but sometimes the lightning show is a bit too distracting.

But then I hear about these things happening beyond myself, and I am shaken to humility.

Often times, it just takes one life altering moment for another to realize just how grateful I am for my own struggles. Our area has been affected by a fire that spread rapidly and destroyed homes. The material toll was devastating, complete losses of homes and lands. However the important thing is that everyone escaped with their lives.

I can’t imagine starting over in life, with nothing but the clothes on my back. I know that we will work together as a community to assist these families that have been displaced, giving them every head start possible to get back on the path to normalcy.

As military families we all have health care, life insurance, a housing allowance and a steady paycheck. Beyond that, there are so many resources for us. I’m sure that we have all had our fair share of moments where we felt like a number, not a person. But, the aftermath of destruction or seeing the strain on a toddler’s face, as he strives with all his might to pick up a Hot Wheels car, I am reminded that my issues are minimal and that I should be incredibly thankful for the life I am blessed to live.