A day at the rodeo

Kevin Wilson

Hundreds ride and rope, and hope they cash in when it’s time for the Joe’s Boot Shop Calf Roping event at the Curry County Event Center.

In one form or another, everybody goes through the elements of the four-day undertaking:


When you arrive, you’re a spectator until you see secretary Crystal Garrett. After she accepts your payment, you’re a competitor.

[image #5, align=left, size=small]

Garrett estimated 1,000 different paid entries — about 900 for the $280 fee Thursday, Friday and Saturday and the rest a $500 entry fee for Sunday’s open.

The bigger the pool, the bigger the pot — One winner last year took home around $18,000. Figuring out prize hauls has worn down Garrett’s Casio calculator into a smudged, beaten-up piece of plastic.

“It looks about like it should” after all its work, Garrett said with a laugh.