Our people: Giving back

Liliana Castillo: Freedom New Mexico Clovis resident Pat Hayter enjoys spending her evenings her in favorite chair, catching up on her TV shows.

Clovis resident Pat Hayter volunteers for the Lighthouse Mission, Meals on Wheels, Plains Regional Medical Center Ladies Auxiliary, First United Methodist Church and the Latch Key Program. She said her mom and her stepmom were both giving people.

“I guess I got some of that from them,” Hayter said.

Hayter said she enjoys giving to others because as she put it, “I receive 100 percent more back when I give.”

Hayter said her heart goes out to the people she visits.

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“I come across people who I know in my heart have no one and you’re the only face they see. And you want to stay and help them more,” she said.

Hayter was nominated as Freedom New Mexico’s volunteer of the year.