Bin Laden reaction: Clovis woman hopes for peaceful world

Rabiah Memon spent Sunday night and Monday morning happy but concerned at the same time.

While glad to hear news that Osama bin laden had been killed, Memon said violence broke out in Karachi, Pakistan, where her family lives and her siblings were in school and trying to get home to safety.

“We were very happy when we heard, (but) we knew there were people that were going to commit more evil acts because their cult leader is dead … Even today after we heard the news, there’s a lot of violence going on; shooting guns and killing (in Pakistan),” she said.

“(My siblings) all made it home safely; we were praying that they would come home safely.”

A Muslim, the 27-year-old Eastern New Mexico University graduate said she has been outspoken about extremists and terrorism during the five years she has lived in the U.S., and has spoken at Sept. 11 events in an effort to educate.

Memon said she now lives in Clovis and is married to a Navy veteran.

Because of her views, she said she would no longer feel comfortable in Pakistan, where she said poverty and ignorance foster terrorism.

“I openly denounce any kind of evil acts. I don’t know how it would be for me (to return to Pakistan),” she said.

“I think these are the people that give my religion a bad name. Islam is a peaceful religion … who ever kills an innocent soul, he’s really outside the boundary of Islam.”

The daughter of a senior manager in one of the leading banks in Pakistan, Memon said her father taught his children to get a higher education and focus on their careers.

But she said many in the Middle East are poor and follow their leaders in hope of better opportunities for themselves and their families.

“We are just as upset about Sept. 11 as everybody else is. I am really happy for those families of the victims (that bin Laden is dead). Just by killing one person it doesn’t really do much, but I hope that justice will continue,” she said.

“We just have to remember to continue what we’ve started and cut the root of terrorism … hopefully someday we will see a peaceful world.”