Military mama: Fight will still continue

The recent news that the U.S. had accomplished a mission nearly a decade in the making brought on an outpouring of support. There were levels of excitement that varied from a calm sense of relief all the way to pure jubilation and parades. I found myself feeling satisfied that a long-time terrorist was officially out of commission but stopped short of actual celebration.

I am grateful that the news has been well received on a global spectrum, but know that Osama bin Laden had many counterparts and realize that this is not the finish line.

We, as military spouses, are in a unique position of being civilians yet living in a military world. Our men and women may quickly be called to action in the near future. As the outside world cries for all of the troops to come home, we realize that immediate removal would simply be a recipe for disaster. And though we’d most certainly love to have our partners with us safely at home, it is important that they continue to perform the tasks that they have been trained to accomplish.

I most certainly am not a “glass half empty” person, but I recognize that this is merely a turning point on the path to victory. A major battle has been won, but the war on terrorism is still very real.

Should the need arise we understand that our loved ones may be called to serve in the line of fire. We must stand steadfast in support of our active duty members, and provide a network for those that leave loved ones waiting anxiously at home.

We must continue on in our fight to end terrorism. Al Qaeda has suffered a damaging blow, and that is due to the efforts of all those military men and women that have risen to the call of duty. I am proud to have a personal connection, knowing that the efforts and training aided in this fight in the broad scheme of things. And I’m grateful that this tick mark on America’s to-do list has got the general population once again rallied behind the troops.

I truly hope that many people affected by the devastating losses of 9/11 and those casualties of war in the years since are experiencing some closure by this announcement.

I look forward to the day that all of our troops are able to remain a safe distance from international toil, but in this moment I express my gratitude for all that has been done to accomplish this seemingly impossible task. And I offer my continued support for all our troops (and their families) in the fight on terrorism.