Mother, daughter debate ear piercing

Topic: What is the appropriate age for girls to have their ears pierced?


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends postponing ear piercing until a child is old enough to care for the pierced site herself. The reasons given are risk factors including infection, choking hazard, allergic reactions and embedded earrings. While these risks are small, there are other factors to consider. Infants have100-200 billion unconnected neurons. These neurons are connected between birth and age two through experiences that determine the organization and function of their brains. The hard wiring for a child’s emotional, behavioral, cognitive, social and physical adjustment is based entirely upon events they do not remember. Ear piercing can be a traumatic experience for infants whose neurological immaturity makes them more sensitive to pain than adults. While the affects of traumatic experiences on infants are unknown, infant trauma is currently being studied in relation to ADD and PTSD symptoms in children.