Great moms raise tomorrow’s freedom fighters

Freedom New Mexico

We often hear the cliche about Mom, baseball and apple pie to describe that which is red, white and blue. The one that matters most is Mom, who we honored Sunday. Baseball and apple pie are by-products and symbols of freedom, while Moms are producers and defenders of freedom.

Moms don’t get the glory that goes to corporate CEOs, movie stars, athletes and warriors. But more than any other class, moms have made this country great and kept it free. Moms bring up children — not always with the help of dads — who become men and women willing to defend freedom at all costs. Freedom is the only currency that ultimately matters in a culture that carelessly celebrates the rewards of freedom more than freedom itself.

Want justice? Preserve and expand freedom. Want equal opportunity? Preserve and expand freedom. Want prosperity? Preserve and expand freedom.

We maintain freedom only through strength, which relies on strong mothers instilling values of strength in their kids. By strength, we don’t only mean the ability to fire an M16 or fly a fighter jet in missions to counter enemies of freedom.

We have nothing to defend in this country if mothers don’t bring up their children to understand the fundamental tenets of freedom, which are protected by the Bill of Rights and the rest of the United States Constitution.

Freedom results from great mothers encouraging children to learn and to think for themselves. It results from mothers teaching children to speak for themselves, to scrutinize authority, to never trade liberty for safety and security.

Freedom results from mothers who have taught their children to defend the weak from abuses of the strong. Freedom results from mothers who teach children to presume innocence on behalf of the accused, to give selflessly and to crusade against unjust laws.

Mothers give our country strong adults by talking with their children about politics and current events, by respecting their intellects and expecting them to grow mentally, spiritually and physically each day.

Mothers defend freedom by teaching their children that freedom is a gift from God, not a product of government. They teach their children that freedom requires self-control, and never serves as license for selfishness, anarchy and harm. They teach their children the Golden Rule, creating a class of Americans who treat each other as they would like others to treat them.

Mothers have, for more than 230 years in this great republic of laws that limit government’s authority and size, taught their kids that freedom is not free. They have reared them to know that freedom requires the vigilance of strong men and women who produce and fend for themselves, while voluntarily defending and providing for those with fewer gifts.