Deputy’s heroic act will not be forgotten

I have always believed in guardian angels. You can’t raise two sons without the faith that someone else is watching over them.

Between various occasions that required stitches, one who disappeared following the dog a mile from the house, and a car wreck that ended in the car being burned beyond recognition and not a scratch on its speedy driver — I KNOW there is a higher power.

Most of the time these guardian angels are invisible. But April 17, a very visible one rescued my son, a firefighter, from the fire that spread from Melrose to Clovis.

He drove his 4-wheel drive truck out across a sandy field to pick up my son and take him to safety. The words thank you are just not enough, but I will remember you, Roosevelt County Chief Deputy Malin Parke. I will think of you from now on every time I see my son.

Also, thank you to Capt. Karen Burns of the Clovis Fire Department for insisting that my son not report in the following day for his regular shift.