Government not in business of parenting

Except for one new wrinkle, Destin, Fla., resident Barbara Warburton’s complaint about the television show “Family Guy” is no different from complaints that have dogged certain TV shows for decades, from the Smothers Brothers’ variety show in the ’60s to “South Park” today. She thinks “Family Guy” is offensive and un-Christian and will corrupt viewers.

Here’s the wrinkle: Her son, actor Patrick Warburton, voices a character on the animated show.

“I have always adored people in this industry who turn down roles because of their convictions,” Warburton told the local newspaper, “but Patrick isn’t one of those people.”


We have convictions, too. Here are three of them:

• If you don’t like a TV show, don’t watch it.

• If a show you don’t like is on, turn it off.

• If your kids want to watch a show you think is inappropriate, tell them no. If they defy you and watch it anyway, you have bigger problems than “Family Guy.”

Warburton is a member of the Parents Television Council, which filed a complaint against “Family Guy” with the Federal Communications Commission. It looks as if the PTC wants the government to do the kind of monitoring that parents ought to do.

Let’s not go that far. Find the Off button on your TV remote and use it.