McGee: Casual conversations

By Grant McGee: Freedom columnist

When folks come in to the bicycle shop I get to talking to them about other stuff besides bicycles. I might ask if they grew up here on the High Plains. If they didn’t, I might ask where they’re from.

It’s all part of being conversational but it also takes my brain on a trip out of town for a bit.

I also get to hear some great stories. Like the story “Roy” told me the other day about his dad being detained by the police in one of our great American cities.

Roy is not his real name and the city shall remain nameless because I have this thing about lawyers and lawsuits. Maybe you do too.

“Why was your dad detained by the cops?” I asked.

“Well, he was going into the bank to make a deposit and on his way in he saw this man coming through the door so he held it open for him.”

“So my dad’s the friendly type and he says, ‘How you doing today, workin’ hard?’ to the man leaving the bank, and the man says to dad, ‘Sure am, gotta make that money you know.’ And dad smiles at him and says, ‘Have a nice day.’ And the man leaving says, ‘You too.’”

“So dad walks into the bank and everyone is looking at him and the place just felt weird,” Roy says. “Turns out the man who just left, the man dad talked to, had just robbed the bank.

The cops arrived on the scene and spent time talking to dad. Why did he hold the door, did he know the guy, stuff like that.”

I saw all of this in my head as Roy told the tale.

I also thought, “Gee that sounds like something that could’ve happened to me.”

It didn’t though. And I’m glad.