Letters to the editor: Brumfield’s behavior tyrannical

Brumfield’s behavior tyrannical

Gayla Brumfield’s comments in the May 11 edition of the CNJ regarding the petition filed for a vote on the affordable housing ordinance were, at the very least, despicable.

It appears Queen Gayla has forgotten how things work in this country. She and the majority of the city commission don’t get to ram through their socialist policies without a voice from we the people.

Since when did people exercising their right of free speech and opposition to big government become “obstructionists” rather than patriotic citizens? I wish everyone in this town could have attended the city commission meeting to hear Brumfield’s profoundly unprofessional and condescending outburst (i.e., “You’ve got to be kidding me. Not again!”) in response to Tim Ashley’s inquiry about the legality of a referendum on this matter. It was a sad display of her true opinion of the “commoners.” Thankfully, that referendum movement is now a reality.

It will become evident to her majesty and her aforementioned minions in 2012 that there are consequences to tyrannical behavior. I look forward to being a part of that dethroning.

In the meantime, bravo to Randy Crowder for his dissent regarding this hideous scam and double bravo to the High Plains Patriots for their tireless vigilance in watching the backs of the citizens of Clovis. An extreme debt of gratitude is due both.