Texico fifth-graders bring literary characters to life

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Texico fifth-grader Matthew Barriga’s stall was popular with a group consistantly gathering to hear his presentation as Harry Potter from “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

Liliana Castillo

Texico fifth-grader’s living museum was more like a living library.

One of the school’s three gyms was transformed Friday into 46 individual stalls and the four-hour home of the fifth-graders chosen character from a book.

This is the second year the fifth grade classes of Kelley Fontanilla and Melissa Durham have transformed themselves into a character they chose and researched.

Last year, the classes chose notable characters from history. This year they brought books alive by choosing characters from book.

Each student had a press-on light and as each attendee turned on the light, the characters would come alive and tell the story of how they came to be and about their creator.

Fontanilla said the teachers urged the students not to give away the ending of the book so as to interest younger patrons in the story.

For the project, fifth-graders had to research, write a speech, practice the speech and create art for their stall.

Fontanilla said the works of literature that were chosen by the students are from every genre, including comic books.