CCC Kid’s College offering 22 summer classes

File photo Birdhouse Building is one of 22 classes in Clovis Community College’s Kid’s College, a summer outreach program hosted by the college for over a decade.

Liliana Castillo

There is a class for every child from 5 years old on up in Clovis Community College’s Kid’s College.

The annual summer outreach program includes 22 classes this year. Classes cover a range of topics, including tennis, volleyball, birdhouse building and dinosaurs.

“We wanted to offer both educational and physical educational programs,” Kid’s College Director Judith Spillane said. “All of the classes have education and skills components, including our athletic programs.”

Registration will be accepted until the class is full or begins, Spillane said. Spillane said the college has hosted the program for more than a decade.

Spillane says the program is intended to provide education opportunities for children in the summer as well as help children and parents feel comfortable in the college environment.

Spillane said new classes this year combine art, science and natural history.

She said Kid’s College is also working to host a Playa Festival with Ogallala Commons, a nonprofit development network that offers leadership and education.

Spillane said in order for the Playa Festival to happen, a minimum of 20 11- and 12-year-olds have to enroll. If they get the enrollment they need, the event will be held July 6.

The Playa Festival will teach students about wetlands, plants and animals.

A class called Heat! Pressure! And Volcanoes! will teach students about the three rock types and how each is formed. Students will also create their own volcano and watch it erupt.

Another, called Dinosaurs! And the clues they leave behind, shows students the clues each dinosaur left behind that suggests how it may have lived on Earth.