Grant: Yard project never ending

When I asked The Lady of the House what she wanted for Mother’s Day she said, “A chocolate cake and an afternoon of yard work.”

There’s always plenty of yard work to be done around the Stucco Hacienda.

You see, The Lady of the House always has projects on her “honey-do” list: Things to be built, things to be planted. There are also things to be torn down and things to be moved.

I never knew anyone that moved gardens around like living room furniture until I met The Lady of the House; garden planting boxes are moved, young trees plucked out of one hole and plopped in another.

For instance, let me tell you about the fence we just tore down.

We put it up in 2005. We built it to have a wee bit of privacy in the back yard. I broke out the post hole diggers, put up posts and the two of us put up the pickets.

Then last year she said, “I want that fence to come down.”

I stood in the kitchen and stared at her for a few moments.

“We just put it up,” I said.

“That was five years ago,” she said. “I want the fence down and I want an arbor covered in Virginia Creeper where we can sit in the summer.”

So we took down the fence and made an arbor. Then we built a fence along the porch to keep the dogs out. Then she saw there were leftover pickets from the fence so an herb garden was built in the front yard.

Seems things are always changing around the Stucco Hacienda.

Where I come from, once you build something it stays where it is.

But that’s back where I come from.

And I don’t live there anymore.