Our people: Woman of letters

Melrose resident Jamie Dickerman served as the president’s ambassador at Eastern New Mexico University during her senior year. She graduated May 14 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in political science. Dickerman works as a grant writer and special events coordinator for the Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico and plans to pursue a master’s degree.

In her spare time, Dickerman enjoys writing, playing basketball and spending time with family and friends.

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Growing up in Melrose, Dickerman said she enjoys the close-knit community.

“It’s small enough that everyone knows everyone else, and they’re always willing to help each other out. Other than that, it has a great school system, and the small size gives high schoolers a chance to be involved in as many extracurricular activities as possible,” she said.

When you were a kid, what did you think you’d be doing as an adult? I told my father when I was 5 years old that I wanted to be a writer. It’s not quite the ballerina or astronaut dream that most kids have, but it was always mine. So, in many ways my childhood dreams have come true.

What are five websites that you visit daily? www.facebook.com, www.hotmail.com, www.enmu.edu, www.thehill.com, www.cnjonline.com

What’s so great about your favorite sport? Basketball is an incredible sport because it really does take a team effort, and it shows off the strengths of different types of players. It’s also a fast paced, fun-to-watch game. It’s great to play and watch.

In an alternative life, I would have been a…Rockstar. I love to sing, and I sing often. Unfortunately, though, in this life, I have no musical talent.

What did you enjoy about attending Eastern? I love ENMU. I know my professors, and they know me. It’s an environment in which one can truly learn not only how to succeed in the classroom but also in life. It’s also small enough to have a great community atmosphere, but it’s still big enough to have all the benefits of larger universities.

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What is your theme song? I have three: “I Was Here” by Lady Antebellum, “Heart Like Mine” by Miranda Lambert, and “Learning to Fly” by Tom Petty

Who’s invited to your fantasy dinner party, and why? Oscar Wilde, Emily Dickenson, and Albert Einstein — because I think we would have a fascinating discussion. I would also invite Cheslea Handler and Gabriel Iglesias — because everyone needs a little comic relief.

What’s your favorite TV show, past and present? Past — “Boy Meets World;” present — “Grey’s Anatomy” or “Castle”

When I get in my car, the first thing I listen to is…I listen to 105.9 KSEL or a mix cd (typically Texas country).

What is your most prized possession? I have a bookshelf full of filled journals. I started journaling at a very young age, and my life story is basically on those pages. They hold my happiest and my saddest memories, and I cherish them. Also, the Bible I have had since I was 12 tells a lot of stories about my life. It is tattered and has writing throughout, but it is precious to me as well.

Tell us a story about your childhood. On my 9th birthday, my parents set my sister and me down and said they had a surprise. Little did we know that the news they had would change our lives. That night they told us we were going to have a little brother or sister. Months later, Tanner was born and he has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.

What is your favorite smell? I love and miss the smell of rain.

Who is your hero and why? My mom is my hero. She is the most giving person I have ever met, and she is such a strong woman. Each day, she exhibits beauty, grace, strength, and kindness — and best of all, she does it with an amazing sense of humor. She is by far the coolest person I’ve ever met!

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Tell us about your greatest individual accomplishment. Graduating college with a cumulative 4.0 is pretty high on my list, but I have to say that nothing can compare to publishing my first book last December. To have others buy and read what I write is a goal I have always had, so after years of hard work, I had that chance. It’s a great feeling.

What is your greatest hope? My greatest hope is to inspire others, to make others laugh, to be a good friend, and to set a good example for those around me. It’s basically to leave a legacy and to exert a positive influence to all I encounter.

What’s your favorite part about your job? I get paid to help feed hungry people. It’s one of those things that people do because it makes them feel good or because they are truly passionate about what they are doing. I have a passion for helping those who are less fortunate, so my job is ideal. I get to chase that passion and write. It’s perfect.