Letters to the editor: Affordable housing plan no-brainer

Affordable housing plan no-brainer

Clovis’ mayor and all but one of our commissioners, Randy Crowder, seem to be on the right track for growth in Clovis.

Let our elected people work for us as they said they would and support affordable housing that is not accessible in this current real estate market.

I should know. As a Realtor, I try to find housing for individuals daily. It’s frustrating that I cannot find affordable housing, especially rentals, in conditions acceptable to most young folks, military, and others on limited incomes.

Also frustrating is $17,000-plus for another negative referendum vote.

In that respect, the High Plains Patriots’ move for another election might be considered an obstruction for offering affordable homes in Clovis we promised back when we were all working together as one to save Cannon Air Force Base.

Back to the real issue of the affordable housing plan. If there are enough signatures on a petition for a vote to deny affordable housing, the delay for the vote could stop the Hotel Clovis renovation because of time restrictions for the investor’s financing.

The loss of this investor — the only contractor who responded — will cost the citizens of Clovis up to $2 million to tear down, never mind another $1 million to clean up the site.

For those thinking about signing this petition, please reconsider for all our sakes.

Consider the bonus of adding jobs, a restaurant, day care, park, farmer’s market, retail at the hotel.

This is a no-brainer — $2 million to $3 million to have the hotel torn down and cleaned; or $1.4 million that can be reduced with grants, but only with affordable housing.

You’ll love the plan. And, so will those passing through Clovis, who will stop and leave tax dollars downtown.