Letters to the editor: ‘Dual’ commissioner can’t keep facts straight

‘Dual’ commissioner can’t keep facts straight

While seeking support from the county commission for the Clovis Affordable Housing Plan, Mayor Gayla Brumfield and county/city commissioner Bobby Sandoval were able to clear up several misconceptions about the plan.

After the mayor’s presentation, “dual” commissioner Sandoval requested that the mayor use the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions the public may have about the Hotel Clovis Project being a “low-income housing” project. The mayor responded that indeed the project was a “low-income project” and stated, “Let’s just call it what it is. It’s a HUD project.” “Dual” commissioner Sandoval then sought to assure the public that the developer of the project, Mr. (Stephen) Crozier, had “millions of his own money invested in this project.” Brumfield immediately put any question about the million dollar figure to bed by informing the commission that Crozier had $800 thousand” of his own money in the project.

During a presentation by City Commissioner Randy Crowder, “dual” commissioner Sandoval continually repeated that it would cost $3 million” to tear down the Hotel Clovis. When Crowder reminded “dual” commissioner Sandoval that they had been told the city had a written estimate of “between $1.7 and $2 million at a November City Commission meeting, Sandoval replied that they had “just received” a written quote of $3 million to accomplish the job. Evidently, the city either had no credible written quote or no quote at all as they have claimed from the start of this debate. It also appears that city government “forgot” to notify Crowder of the change in the estimate.

Had city commissioner Sandoval displayed as much concern for due diligence prior to voting for the issue, county commissioner Sandoval would not have had to clear up these nagging misconceptions.