Military mama: Every opportunity provides chance to learn

We’re full of molars and the alphabet at my house. I recently wrote of Kaleb’s adventures, and now he’s added another complication to my immediate parenting plan.

This latest coming-of-age moment with my oldest child has negative repercussions on my television schedule. Petty, I know, but he is now aware when I’m bluffing about it being eight o’clock at night. Bed time is significantly trickier since he has realized that the numbers on the DVR, microwave and oven actually mean something. Time suddenly has meaning.

The extended visits from the sun have created another level of confusion and complication for him. I can’t imagine how difficult it will be to get that little monster of mine into bed come August when sunset is far past a reasonable bed time hour for a five year old.

We’ve also come to the point where reading is around the corner. He recognizes so many letters, numbers, symbols and logos it’s outrageous. The little white lie I used to tell about only grown up shows being on TV are now full-blown fibs that he recognizes. Since it’s paramount that he understands the difference between the truth and a lie, and after catching me in a non-factual statement, he sternly told me, “good mommies don’t lie.” He’s right, they don’t.

I have now surrendered the television remote to him on many occasions because he was able to recognize the name of some of his favorite shows on the actual TV guide, without the assistance of tiny pop-up logos and mini-commercials that pop up at the bottom of the screen like so much television spam. By no means does he rule the roost, and though I admit we are couch potatoes at times, we are learning how to compromise.

There have been so many moments lately where Kaleb has left me speechless at the growth in his vocabulary, and only rarely am I blushing at what comes out of his mouth.

This momentous occasion has provoked me to be more mindful of all that I’m exposing him to, because he has picked up a few lyrics and catch phrases that I’d rather erase from his brain. The other day he said, “Hey mom, do me a solid and get me some chocolate milk.”

He is so quick to pick up on things it only takes a moment of careful observation for him and he’s mastered the remote, the PS3 and my cell phone. I know that each generation is prepped to steamroll the previous when it comes to technology, but this is pretty amazing in my book.

I almost don’t mind that I’m constantly getting beat by a five year old at mindless games like Angry Birds. But, hey, as long as I use each opportunity as a learning experience it’s all in the name of education, right?