Press release: Clovis mother sentenced to 24 years for abuse

Clovis, NM ~ Ninth Judicial District Attorney Matthew Chandler announced today that Amanda Fain, age 21, was sentenced to serve twenty-four (24) years in prison for four (4) counts of Child Abuse.

On September 27, 2010, Clovis Police Department was dispatched to a call of a 6-month old baby that was not breathing. Upon entering, officers made contact with the mother and four other children under 4-years of age. The residence was noted to be extremely dirty with a foul order. The baby was not responsive to the emergency response team and was immediately transported to the hospital. During initial examination, doctors found bone fractures, human bite marks, multiple bruises on the head and face, sores on the feet, and cigarette burns all over the 6-month old’s body. The baby was found to have suffered a traumatic brain injury that was causing severe swelling. The baby was in critical condition and was flown to Lubbock for stabilization.

Detectives questioned the mother, Amanda Fain, about the baby’s injuries. At this time, the father of the child, Jonathan Grubbs, was incarcerated at the Curry County Detention Center and away from the home. During the interview, Fain eventually admitted to slamming and hitting the baby numerous times and biting his toe out of frustration. She also disclosed that the other children in the home would jump on the baby and hit the baby with objects. The baby survived the ordeal and was eventually released from the hospital.

Ninth Judicial District Attorney Matthew Chandler stated, “There’s no excuse to intentionally hurt a child. Fain will spend the next twenty-four years in a prison cell and our hope is the child will someday fully recover from this brutal abuse.”

Amanda Fain was sentenced by the Honorable District Judge Teddy Hartley to serve twenty-four (24) years in the Department of Corrections. The Court also ordered that upon completing her twenty-four (24) year sentence, Fain also faces an additional five (5) year period of intensively supervised probation. Chief Deputy District Attorney Andrea Reeb prosecuted this case on behalf of the State.