Our people: Portales resident still enjoys Maypole

Liliana Castillo: Freedom New Mexico Barbara George worked as a teacher for 25 years at Portales High School.

Portales resident Barbara George has been teaching people most of her adult life. She has taught physical education, history, track, volleyball, how to wind a maypole and how to drive a car. After being maypole director for Portales High School for 25 years, George said she has seen the dress rehearsal or winding every year since 1965.

“I just like how proud they are. They feel like they’ve really accomplished something in a short period of time and their families are proud of them. They look forward to continuing the tradition,” she said.

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George recently retired as the Roosevelt County Teen Court Coordinator. She hopes to have more time to spend with her daughter and grandchildren.

“I’m so blessed,” she said. “What few years I’ve got left, whatever God blesses me with I want to enjoy it.”