Letters to the editor: Housing plan should be put to vote

Housing plan should be put to vote

The Affordable Housing Act is an innocuous-sounding program that introduces more dependency into our community. Builders and affiliated businesses — assessors, title companies, Realtors and materials suppliers — benefit by using tax credits and outright grants, free land, free buildings, free infrastructure, waived licensing fees, and whatever else they can squeeze from city commissioners. And our mayor says this is a fair playing field?

Once in place, AH is forever. City government is given unlimited power to condemn, rezone, and bestow projects. Already, the story has changed several times regarding Hotel Clovis: It’s senior housing, no, it’s low-income housing, no, it’s HUD housing! The builder is given $1.4 million in grants and a non-recourse loan; no, he’s only getting $700,000 — from the city’s worker’s comp fund!

Demolition of Hotel Clovis is $2 million; no, now it’s $3 million. The ordinance, according to our mayor, is a work in progress. Really? How many times will they be finessing building codes, using eminent domain, slipping infrastructure to subsidized housing projects?

Talk to the people on Fred Daugherty Drive and the county club area about rezoning. Surprise! You too may have multi-family housing on your street or a commercial enterprise near your high-dollar home so the golf course can have its liquor license.

City officials swear favoritism will not enter into their decision-making. Really? Already business owners and builders are being bullied not to sign the High Plains Patriots petition calling for election to overturn AH. What are they afraid of if not retaliation when coming before them with building and zoning requests or as bidders-suppliers for city projects?

This is not the kind of community we envision. Let voters decide if they want this socialized program in Clovis.