Food at the speed of life: Food column now features online show

My food columnist role has expanded to include “cooking show hostess.” Sort of.

Freedom New Mexico has started a parenting section that runs online and in a quarterly newspaper section. I do a monthly online video demonstration of cooking with kids.

The first demonstration, “Fruity Peanut Butter Pitas,” is at I’ve also filmed demos of cheese sausage balls and microwave fudge for later this summer.

For the videos, I borrowed my friend Robin’s daughters: Rhenoda, 10, Isabel, 9, and Lea, 6.

Rhenoda was the quietest, though she wasn’t too shy to hint broadly about wanting chips from the vending machine. Isabelle chatted about her dog, cooking with her dad and so forth, and Leah wanted to explore the yard of my apartment building and see the office.

They’re charming girls.

These videos have no fancy set, special lighting or cameramen. I film with a tripod in the office break room or my apartment.

You may notice a furry muzzle edge into the frame in one video. My dog was interested in the goodies.

I’ve also learned the dialogue isn’t going to be perfect although we make each recipe twice.

This is real life, not Hollywood.