Military mama: Story of how we met rather unconventional

My love story is unconventional; an airman living the bachelor life in Hawaii, and a theatre major in Utah don’t easily cross paths. We definitely started as a one in a million shot, but go big or go home.

I was visiting home over Christmas break, and John had just injured himself while boogie boarding. Our mutual boredom collided and we found one another online through mutual friends. I knew his family well and he was a party boy. These strikes against him set him up perfectly for the friend-zone. He flew under the radar and I let my guard down. Most people rush headlong into love, but I slipped and fell.

It wasn’t long before John dropped the “L-bomb” on me, I was speechless, but I didn’t hang up. That was big for me! In a few days I found myself muttering, “Aww crap, I think I’m going to marry this kid.” Fairy tale, right?

So in February, during a whirlwind trip, our futures converged under a custom-built blanket fort. We dined on the finest hot pockets and Dr Pepper while we watched a true cinematic masterpiece, “Finding Nemo.” And at the end, not only did Marlin find Nemo, I found my husband.

John proposed, or rather muttered something about what I was doing for the rest of my life and pulled out a ring. The frosting on the cake was that it was Friday the 13th.

The next day we hustled about the island getting engagement photos taken, since I soon had to fly back to reality and graduate with my head in the clouds. We had a romantic lunch at Pizza Bob’s for Valentine’s Day, with John’s dorm neighbor, who so kindly took our pictures.

And there we were, seated across from a clown school lunch session. When I’m terrified, logic flies out the window. These were worse than your run of the mill circus clowns, they weren’t even good at clowning. I cowered, I admit.

I realized that even though my fiance, his buddy and these clowns were getting a kick out of my fear, I knew without a doubt that should one of these clowns cross the line and approach they’d be getting a pop in the nose even if no oversize carnival prizes were offered.

John is a protector, a provider and a companion. We laugh together, we laugh at each other. He is far from romantic, but I know that he is secretly a softy. We’ve had bumps in the road, like any couple, but we always come out with good tales to tell. Each time we get a surprise in life, we roll with it.

When I walked down that aisle and saw his knees a knockin’, with his tan melted into a ghostly-white reality, I was glad that he didn’t chicken out. I still am today. Thanks for seven years of adventure, and here’s to many more.