City will meet about quorum resolution

CNJ staff

The Clovis City Commission is conducting a special meeting 5:15 p.m. Tuesday at the City Hall assembly room to guarantee a quorum for regular meeting Thursday.

The meeting has one agenda item — a resolution allowing city commissioners to join a meeting by conference telephone.

Four commissioners, and Mayor Gayla Brumfield, will be out of town Thursday due to varying conflicts. Without the resolution, Legislative and Community Development Director Claire Burroughes said, the city would not have a quorum of at least five commissioners for the meeting.

In most instances, Burroughes said, the meeting would simply be moved to the next Thursday. But an ordinance relating to parks and recreation bond issuance is scheduled for this week’s meeting, and has been advertised as such.

“We need to have the meeting, and we need to have it on Thursday,” Burroughes said.

Other municipalities have such resolutions on file, Burroughes said, and the city has talked about such an option in previous years. If it is approved, it would be considered on an annual basis, along with the open meetings act.